52 acres of farmland

Invest in exportable crops

How we produce and market agricultural products

Seedlings and Stems

We source our initial seedlings from reputable international organization (IITA) and ever since them we have perfect the culture of setting aside harvested seedlings and stems for future and subsequent planting season in other to maintain the quality and yields of our produce.

Cultivation and Harvesting

Our cultivation process in line with the national grains & tuber cultivation season which kick-start during the raining season in March/April to August/September every year but due to climate change and irregularities in weather forecast in the last five (5) years, we have consistently swing with weekly observation of the global & territorial weather to suite our plans, structure and processes.
We cultivate Maize, Cassava & Yam and this we harvest store for would-be buyers

Marketing Farm Produce

This is a very hard taste for farmers as we have no structured produce pricing system.

We are sometime force to accept ridiculous rate from third party buyers and since we have no off-taker in government to so off-take our harvested produce nor certified storage system to preserve our produce, we just have to go with the presume best price from interested buyers.